Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yesterday's walk

On my way home yesterday I stopped to get the mail and saw baby birds peeking out of the honeysuckle so I changed as soon as I got home, slung my camera around my neck and went walking back up the driveway. I dangerously left my umbrella at home thinking, hey it doesn't look too bad out!
My cats promptly ran after me, me walking quickly as I could because me yelling "stay!" just wasn't working.

Pied Piper
They eventually stopped thank goodness.

I was still quite a ways away from the nest when lady blackbird hopped around me, fencepost to fencepost squawking at me.

Angry bird

When I got to the end of the driveway where there is a fence covered in honeysuckle, I found little  strawberries along with everything else.


Surprisingly I was able to get really close to the nest and not one bird attacked my head. Blackbirds are always so protective it surprised me I came away with all my hair. But I did notice an unusual number of blackbirds squawking at me and I finally realized there were actually three nests in the honeysuckle. I didn't know they grouped like that.

Baby blackbirds

Baby bird eyes are watching you. They didn't make a sound or a movement while I was standing there so their parents taught them well.
Fuzz head
I didn't want to agitate the parents too much so I didn't stick around long.
Although one of the dads gave me the stink eye.
Angry bird II

I spent some time chatting with my neighbor and then decided to hustle back down the driveway as the wind picked up and the clouds started looking ominous.

Despite the portents of inclement weather I still took enough time to look around and enjoy the scenes.

Like birds on gates and cottonwood fluff floating in the air.

By the pond

Or tall grass by the pond.


Or eggshells I find and carry the rest of the way home.

And I did make it home just as it opened up and rained.

And the cats were bounding along behind me and darting in the door with me, happy to be able to follow me again.