Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mosaic Monday - tempestuous transition

When I heard it was going to snow I felt doubtful. I'm at a much lower elevation than everyone else in my area and we really haven't had "real" snow yet this year. But just in case...I went out and snapped a few photos of my early blooming flowers.

Good thing I did! The next day they looked like this:

An hour after it snowed we had sunshine and slush.
It was enough to excite the snow lovers and enough for a few pretty photos. But enough of this winter nonsense already!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How pirates do decor - my beautiful gift

I won a blog giveaway done by Annabelle at The Wood Beyond The World and guess what I got in the mail yesterday?
I was too impatient to wait for good lighting to photograph everything so the color on this one is funky.

 I just love the pretty blue paper and shimmery ribbon she used.

Does that tea not sound divine? And she included a lovely card.

Inside was the most gorgeous, magical thing I think I've ever seen - one of her bottle creations.

Look at this beautiful detailing and sparkle! And I love the delicate translucent shell.

Even a dangling crystal. And see the sand and shell inside?

Because of my nickname Molly the Pirate [ yes it is totally juvenile and no I won't give it up! ;) ]  I have amassed something of a nautical-themed book collection and a few accessories to match. Please tell me I'm not the only one who decorates a bookshelf?

Just look how perfect this gorgeous bottle fits in! I feel like some kind of pirate queen who found the ultimate treasure.

Anna - your talent is incredible! And matched only by your generosity. This treasure has found a very happy home.

Visit Anna's blog here and her Etsy shop here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bling and flowers

I decided to treat myself on Valentine's Day (and I'm just now getting around to showing you) to flowers and bling MY way. :)

First of all, I saw these ranunculus at Bauman's Farm, didn't buy one, and had a dream about them. Next time I went I thought if they were going to haunt me in my sleep I'd better pick one up! The sparkly and silver "M" was found at Goodwill for $.99. It's a wedding cake topper I think but considering how my name is Molly and all I just couldn't resist buying this as a plant decoration.

 I just love the fluff and color on this one! And it had about 4 more buds on it, waiting to open.

This thing is super tarnished and as soon as I remember what I did with my polish I'll see about fixing that. But it does give it a bit of shabby charm.

Seriously, how could I resist this blingy M?

All potted in an empty pot I had sitting around...
Okay I'll admit the M makes me laugh, but I still like it. :)

It sits in my bedroom windowsill and adds a fantastic pop of color to all my neutral white tones.

What? You were expecting roses and diamonds? ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lucky No. 13 - giveaway winner

Congratulations! I think it's kinda funny considering her love of cupcakes. I also think it's nice considering how many giveaways and great prizes she puts together and now she gets to win one! It was meant to be. :)

Miss Polka Dot - just send your address to mollythepirate (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll get those sent out next week.

I appreciated everyone's lovely comments so much!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day

 After watching the 2008 movie I was completely enchanted by this story of a woman who, at the end of her rope, takes a chance and "lives" like she never had before. It reminds me a bit of Last Holiday in that regard, but replace....everything with swing music, alcoholic beverages, fancy clothes and ambiguous morals. 
The book however, was a tad bit different.

First of all, let me set the stage by saying that class was a huge issue here as were some very strict behavioral expectations that even me and my goody-two-shoes self thought were stifling.

The book is actually broken up into chapters titled with time periods. Chapter one is 9:15 AM to 11:11 AM. I'm sure the 24 writers thought they were being quite clever when they came up with the one day concept but sorry guys, it was already 1938.

So it's a hard economic times and Miss Pettigrew is looking for a job. She's a governess type but absolutely hates it because she can't handle children well but who gives up a job when a job is to be had? She is mistakenly sent to see Miss Delysia LaFosse thinking the woman needs someone to watch her child but instead finds the panicked Delysia needing an apartment cleaning to wipe out any trace of her #3 boyfriend from her #2 boyfriend's apartment. 


Miss Pettigrew smokes, drinks, and swears in the process of "saving" Delysia throughout the day - things she'd never done in her life - but Delysia is so sweet and grateful and needful of guidance Miss Pettigrew can't leave her in the lurch. It's like the "friends help you move, real friends help you move dead bodies" - what would you do for a friend? 

So the book goes throughout the day. Miss Pettigrew continues to behave in ways she didn't think herself capable but instead of getting caught up in the social politics of who is important and who should I be with to get myself to the top?, she grounds each of the characters and guides them towards what would bring them true happiness.

I almost never say that I like something about a movie better but I actually think that characteristic of truth and honesty was handled even better in the movie. Although in both one of my favorites is where she guides Delysia's boyfried #1 (Michael) to "sock him one" - meaning boyfriend #2. Tee hee.

The glorious part is that Miss Pettigrew discovers that class doesn't matter to the people she befriends (although it might to some of the others) and she makes a true friend in Delysia and manages to find love when she never thought she would.

"Now she, herself, had a destination. What a difference that made! All the difference in the world. Now she lived. She was inside of things. Now she took part. She breathed Ambrosial vapour."

It's the second chance that makes this story so charming.

So despite the moral ambiguity and detestable behavior by some, I did enjoy and recommend both the book and movie. And if you'd like to know a little more about the movie take a look at Polka Dot's post - she and I have remarkably similar opinions and she posted several pretty photos to entice you. :)

Also, you've got to listen to the soundtrack. I listen to it frequently while writing my blog posts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage ring storage doubles for art

My mom was thinking about getting rid of these old things she's had for years. Originally the frames were gold and she painted them black - so that's where I get that! ;)

But the black paint was getting a funky patina

And the art is pretty dark for a springtime project. It's actually decoupaged onto the glass so it's a good thing I didn't need the glass anyway!

My brother sells Mac Tools and gave me these cool kiwi pliers for Christmas (so called because they look like kiwi birds) - they have amazing grip and because they are angled it's much easier to see what you're getting at since your hands aren't in the way.

Once I was down to just the frame I spent some time cleaning it up and decided to use the rest of my paint from my birdcaged books project.

While I was letting that dry, I used the oval glass as a template to cut a piece of lightly patterned scrapbook paper and a piece of cardboard from a cracker box. (Glue paper to cardboard.)

These rings were all made by my great aunt Ellen sometime between the 1950's and 1970's. Read more about these and her beading here. I have treasured them for years but was wanting a way to display them so they weren't tucked away in a jewelry box.
I figured where I wanted them placed once I got my middle together...

Then traced loosely around the widest part of the ring onto the back of the cardboard.

I tell you, most of the time I'm crafting I fly by the seat of my pants so if this seems probably is, but it totally worked.

Once my circles were drawn I cut an opening in the center of each using a craft knife.

How it looks from the front. These gaps will be covered by the main part of the ring.

From the front, they tuck into the opening and then the ring is held securely with no risk for damage.

I like how the paper's pattern mimics the ring design. :)

So much better than hidden away! Being a beader myself I appreciate the artistry but I also love how the pops of color make such vibrant art.

Speaking of pretties a friend has just opened an [etsy shop] full of floral brooches and belt bags, I'm sure she'd be thrilled to have you stop by and visit!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine - a giveaway from my heart to yours

It really warms my heart that 300 sweet souls have joined me and my adventures here at A Bit O' Shine.

I certainly never expected to make so many long distance friends when I started.

And since today is a lovey sort of day...

Where people share bits of themselves out of the fullness of their own heart...

Let me share a bit of my heart with you.
It helps that my love language (for giving love) is gifts. ;)

So here is a little giveaway for you dears. A pair of chocolate cupcake earrings - calorie free! ;)

All I ask is that you be a follower of my blog or a fan of my shop on facebook. Both would be twice as delightful of course so you would have twice as many chances to win. Just leave a separate comment letting me know which (or both) you follow.

And if you don't have pierced ears don't fret! I have non-pierced findings available just for you.
Giveaway is open internationally and ends Friday the 18th.

Thanks for coming along with me! I'm really glad you're here.