Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saw it on pinterest, did it in real life

I have almost 2,000 things I have pinned to my pinterest boards. That site has become where all my messy thoughts, dreams and projects have a resting place instead of floating around my cluttered brain. But as with most projects I find it harder and harder to have the time and energy to try them. There are however, a few that I managed to accomplish and I thought I would show you that pinterest ideas can work in real life.

I saw this and knew I had more than one of these old rake heads lying around.

Here's mine:

It works great! I only put my most frequently worn necklaces (ie my costume jewelry ones, nice ones don't go on here) but it makes it a snap to pick and choose which to go with my outfit for the day. Since I answer phones all day earrings are kinda out for me, and necklaces and bracelets have become my thing.

Scarves are another of my things. I have tons of them and can't seem to stop buying them in every color. There are a lot of ways to organize scarves but I found this idea:

I found a package of metal shower curtain rings at Goodwill, put them on a wooden hanger and tried it myself:

I like the way it keeps them tidy and also displays them in a way that is easy to make a selection. They do have a tendency to slide to one end if you don't have them spaced just right. My plan is to just get so many scarves they can't move anyway. :)

I also did this and put them in one of these.

I also did this which I blogged about before.

Not to mention numerous recipes I've tried!

You can find me on pinterest here, but I warn you I'm currently obsessed with Doctor Who and pin like it...which is a whole other blog post on the way.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Strange Animal Encounters Abound

It always concerns me when animals start behaving in ways they don't normally because animals know what is up and it makes me wonder what they know that I don't. Lately it seems like every weekend is filled with some strange animal encounter.

Two weekends ago I was standing in the kitchen drinking coffee when a coyote ran through my yard....while both cats were outside. The cats were unharmed (because I RAN outside like a maniac) but coyotes aren't normally *that* close to my house and especially not during daylight hours.

Last weekend I was sitting on the loveseat drinking coffee (huh...I'm starting to notice a trend here) when I see one of the cats climb a tree outside. He does that all the time so I chuckled. Shortly after a gigantic white and tan bird lands in the same tree. I grabbed my glasses and ran outside yelling "what do you think you're doing? Get away from my cat!" turns out it was a barn owl and it looked stupidly at me a moment before moving one tree over. Oh thanks, that's much better. I'm not certain the owl even knew the cat was in the tree because quite honestly that cat is like a ninja and half the time I'm almost stepping on him before I see him.

I kept an eye on the owl, called the cat and ushered both (who came when I called) into the house where I promptly ran for my camera because hey - predatory animals may frighten me for the lives of my pets but I still love animals and I still love taking photos. I had to follow the owl after I spooked it twice more out of the tree cluster but it landed alongside my driveway and I was able to sneak around the house and take its photo from under the car park - which you see part of in the photo unfortunately. And oh YES that owl still knew I was there. Good hearing those owls.

You know I don't recall having EVER seen a barn owl here. Great-horned owls? All the time. Never a barn owl. And it's appearance in later morning was strange but at least explained the large white feather with faintly tan markings I found in my lawn a few days before. I just didn't feel it had come from one of the hawks and hey I was right. I also want to add that this owl, despite being largely white, blended really well into the trees when it was holding still.

Later that afternoon we found a dead weasel. A weasel! You know when I've seen a weasel? Never in my life. I didn't even know they were around here! I pondered that perhaps one of our predatory birds dropped it...?

Now to yesterday. Certain times of day will guarantee that I am outside taking photos. Nevermind that it is mid-October, frequently raining and a biting wind, I'm out there in shorts and flannel and boots snapping way because nature is amazing and I'm always trying to find a way to show everyone else the beauty I see.

The cats are with me because they are my shadows and apparently I'm not to be left unsupervised. I know both the cats are to my right so what do I see waddling along the fenceline to my left...? I stare. No. Way. I stare some more as it keeps right on trucking. What. In. The. World. ? !

This very purpose-driven skunk was not far away from me but thankfully uninterested. I don't know if you've ever watched a skunk traverse a large patch of ground but it was frankly hilarious the way it waddled. Granted they have such short little legs so I can see why. And I kinda know what that's like being rather short-legged myself. I think skunks are adorable but um...rabies...also...smell. So I'm not sure if I've now got a family of these things living in the bramble patch it went for or what. I did wonder why I kept smelling skunky smells when I was out in my herb garden / raspberry patch area and now I see it was simply because I was down wind.

When was the last time I saw a skunk in a field? Probably when I was in 4th grade.

So. What is happening around here that animals I've never seen or animals I haven't seen in ages are suddenly everywhere all the time? It makes me wonder.