Thursday, April 21, 2011

My "where did I put that?" basket

 I don't know about you but I have a handful of objects that I use frequently and can never seem to leave in the same spot making me hunt for them each time I want them. Well no more. This basket - from a bath gift set if I remember correctly - is my catch all for these items. Batteries, cords, camera cases and remotes now have a snug home in semi-organized style.

An empty, clean salsa jar now holds a camera case strap, a battery tester and a connector for my camera cord. These small things would normally get lost in the bottom of this basket, but this holds them together.

This isn't particularly stylish but I tied my most used cords together with bread twist ties. I'm not sure how I managed to have six in matched pairs but I did. Now I only have to look at the color and I know which cord I am grabbing. And since these get almost daily use, that is a time saver I appreciate!

No more looking, wondering and frustration over those items anymore.

And speaking of forgetfulness let me tell you there are some quirks to driving a "vintage" vehicle. Like how opening the door doesn't set off a buzzer to tell you you've left your lights on.

This sign I made from a cereal box and some ribbon. I merely painted the plain side of the box and wrote my message with a Sharpie. I won't forget now! Wait...what was I talking about?


Missouri's Lilac said...

So organized. I wish I were that organized!! Love the sign. A very cute idea.

Ray said...

Why can't I be this artistic?