Saturday, July 23, 2011

My prize swag from J.R. Watkins

Remember when I wrote about winning a photo contest on Twitter for the J.R. Watkins folks? Well now that I have a computer again I can show you the super generous box of goodies they sent me!

I was overwhelmed at the size of the box even before I opened it.


 Because of the comments on this post I dug out the lemon cuticle cream and hand cream and have been using it every day. It smells amazing and does wonderful things for my gardener's hands.
The all-purpose spray I used to clean my bathroom after I got home from house-sitting. The room really needed it and this smelled great (light and non-lingering) and worked really well.

The tote bag has already come in super handy for shopping as it is a nice, thick and quality bag.
They even sent me coupons because obviously after I've been hooked this way I will want more.

The rest I'm rationing but don't think I haven't opened and sniffed them all a time or two.

I know there's a "Watkins man" in my little town because I bought stuff from him at the last holiday bazaar I worked; I like supporting my fellow small townians that way. Watkins also has a website and can be found in stores like Target as well.

Watkins also has a twitter account and they post tips for using their extracts. I've gotten some great ideas for foods that way!

They are not paying me to say this, but they are totally welcome to. ;)


Jodi said...

Nice swag! How fun.

Renee said...

thats' such a nice win. (These are the 'vanilla' people, too?

Toqua's Crafts said...


Mercedes said...

Congrats. My grandparents sell Watkins. I love love their stuff! Enjoy

cat said...

Holy cow, that's awesome!! Jealous of it and I don't even know what it all is. HA!

Also, when did the blog theme get tweaked? Have I not been here since? I lose so much in my reader, but I like it!

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Okay I only deleted the previous post that I made because I made some horrid spelling errors. Let me try this again:
Molly so cool that you won the Watkins stuff! I love their hand creams too and did not know we could get it locally. Thanks for the tip.
Congrats on your win!