Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Surprise from Japan

Dearest Janine, also known as the Crafty Tokyo Mama surprised me recently with a care package. And she was spot on with her little message - I was very surprised!

I always love checking out the stamps she uses.

And the inside was pretty as well! She takes such great care with her packaging, it is always a treat.

Inside was this fantastic chocolate...which lasted all of a day and a half. And it wasn't until I'd eaten it all that I figured it out. The segments were each a different flavor like it shows on the package. Oh well, each was still amazing. Like the mango and chocolate together; how did I not know that existed?!

 This adorable pouch had the most interesting opening/closure mechanism I've ever seen. Is is getting a lot of use holding my lip balms in my purse.

Love this little journal! I am alwas carrying something like this around and calling it my brain because I write down everything so I don't forget. Just in case I have a genius idea or something.

And the card - such neat artwork.

Janine sent me this package after my last couple posts mentioning I was down. She is such a dear lady. If you haven't yet (even though I've blabbed about  it several times) visit her blog and shop - both are lots of fun!

Thank you Janine, it made my month to get such a thoughtful gift.

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Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Oh, Molly, thank YOU! I'm glad it fulfilled it's purpose in cheering you up. A little surprise is nice sometimes and I couldn't wait for your birthday. :-D Enjoy!