Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lightning or something like it

I keep working on projects and taking photos and then completely forgetting to share them here. *facepalm*

We had a pretty grand storm last week and my brother and I were 98.9% convinced we got hit by lightning as we drove home from dinner. We were in a car and all, but it was so loud, so close, so scary that we were both gasping and screaming (he won't appreciate me sharing that, but hey) and then he ached all over and I had weird pains in my ankle and then toe.

Now you're imagining my toe. I'm sorry.

After that we had a few more and then a torrential downpour for about ten minutes and then it moved on. I ventured out after I thought the lighning had fully gone because the clouds cleared way and the sky was turning incredible.

One one side there was:

And on the other side there was:

So was this brief summer storm scary as all get out? Yes. But the beautiful ending!

Still not sure if I was struck by lightning or not.

(I apolgize if the rainbow photos are massively over-edited. Was trying to get the colors to show and this laptop tweaks colors and I never know what things actually look like to everyone else.)


Susannah said...

those are absolutely stunning photos! it seems like everyone got that storm except US. we got some thunder and then a faint rainbow, but nothing terrifying and epic like I was hoping for. :( but that sounds more terrifying than I would have gone for, lol.

cat said...

Jaw-droppingly stunning photos. I need to come visit you and borrow your sky for a while. It is so much nicer than mine.

shari said...

oh my gosh molly! what a gorgeous storm!!! scary is not always bad, right? that kind of sunset always makes my heart ache to watch as it goes away. but what a privilege to have seen it!!

joy.inez said...

The sky is most definitely my favorite thing to shoot. We have the best view from our back yard, which makes it better. Thanks for sharing your pictures!