Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saw it on pinterest, did it in real life

I have almost 2,000 things I have pinned to my pinterest boards. That site has become where all my messy thoughts, dreams and projects have a resting place instead of floating around my cluttered brain. But as with most projects I find it harder and harder to have the time and energy to try them. There are however, a few that I managed to accomplish and I thought I would show you that pinterest ideas can work in real life.

I saw this and knew I had more than one of these old rake heads lying around.

Here's mine:

It works great! I only put my most frequently worn necklaces (ie my costume jewelry ones, nice ones don't go on here) but it makes it a snap to pick and choose which to go with my outfit for the day. Since I answer phones all day earrings are kinda out for me, and necklaces and bracelets have become my thing.

Scarves are another of my things. I have tons of them and can't seem to stop buying them in every color. There are a lot of ways to organize scarves but I found this idea:

I found a package of metal shower curtain rings at Goodwill, put them on a wooden hanger and tried it myself:

I like the way it keeps them tidy and also displays them in a way that is easy to make a selection. They do have a tendency to slide to one end if you don't have them spaced just right. My plan is to just get so many scarves they can't move anyway. :)

I also did this and put them in one of these.

I also did this which I blogged about before.

Not to mention numerous recipes I've tried!

You can find me on pinterest here, but I warn you I'm currently obsessed with Doctor Who and pin like it...which is a whole other blog post on the way.


Megan said...

I love your rake! Both projects turned out great!

Jodi said...

Love both ideas... way to DO something with the ideas you've been inspired by!

cat said...

I need you to come to my house and make me things to organize all my crap. Please?

kathy said...

I sent your 'rake' to a friend of mine. Congratulations on making a name change. It was probably a lot of work.
Your shop looks great.