Monday, November 12, 2012


You may notice some changes going on. Really all I changed was my header and I changed it to match my newly renamed Etsy shop DearMollyAnne.

I've been thinking about the Etsy change for quite a while but I wasn't ready to let go of my "mollythepirate" nickname I've had so long. When I got a full-time job and my shop and blog went neglected I kinda forgot about it. Lately I've had the bug to get back into that creativity and I thought a push in the right direction was a name change that reflected my life and style a little better. I've spent this last weekend doing inventory, updating the shop, renewing listings and filling up the shop which was down to about a quarter of the items I used to have.

I've spent the past couple of weeks ordering supplies for some new goodies that should be in the shop in time for the holidays and. Feel free to stop by the shop and see the changes. You can also find me on twitter and instagram as well where I frequently talk (and show) about what I'm working on.
So I'm back in the saddle, so to speak, and it feels quite good to be back.


Jodi said...

Love the new look and name!

cat said...

Oh! You will always be Molly the Pirate to me. :) And I liked the shiny part of your name. heh. But I shall still obsess over your jewels and likely spend too much money on stuff you make, regardless of your shop name. ;)


shari said...

missed ya!