Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shutter organizer and a kitchen corner

Sometimes things happen and are a happy accident. I put this little shutter in my bathroom window for some added privacy. The window is a blurred, foggy glass but...well...I've seen what that looks like across the way and I don't think it's as private as it could be. Plus I love the rustic look.

 photo IMG_0507_zps537aeeaa.jpg

Then, when I needed somewhere to stash my headbands (two came from Gussy Sews, the rosette one I made myself) and hair clips (dark one from Payless Shoes and the light one I made) and to hang a necklace (made by me) for a moment, they all went on here and I realized how great it worked for it.

 photo IMG_0505_zps4f772a47.jpg

I haven't actually managed to decorate much as I'm still trying to get all my books put away. I purged my books 4 times - FOUR TIMES - before I moved and I still have so many books that I have no room. I bought a huge bookshelf that I'm taking a month to put together. Yes, really.

I did manage to put a few things up in the kitchen though.

 photo IMG_0500_zps29bbbc50.jpg

A utensil holder filled with dried elephant garlic blossoms and this beautiful little gourd I found at a farm stand.

If you can't tell by now, I love natural elements in the home.

As I get things put in their proper places, I'll have more to show. For now I have to get back to that bookshelf...


cat said...

Yay! More to show!!! I love the shutter thingy, too!

Mary said...

I love that little gourd! The shutter is such a good idea that I might have to try it out in our bathroom. It's fun to have you posting again.