Friday, January 16, 2009

Home decor improvement

I love to decorate and make things cozy. I've mentioned previously how much I love vintage and well-loved items; I'm a bit of an old-fashioned girl I guess you'd say. That in mind I still have some copies of VHS hanging around my place that I haven't upgraded to DVD and can't bear to get rid of them yet but I don't care to see them cluttering up things. My DVD's fit nicely into a zippered binder (something similar to this) and the boxes all go into the recycle bin. I have Megan to thank for that lovely and super space-saving gift!

Thankfully most stores realize most people don't want to see their clutter and offer some options. I picked up some plain brown storage boxes at a craft store for $1.99 each on sale. The neutral and natural color went well enough with my neutral natural decor (how natural? I have tree limbs on my walls) but they just weren't quite it whatever it was.

Solution: using a sponge I applied some acrylic craft paint in a taupe shade very like the boxes themselves so that when I was finished they had a suede look to them. Then I took a thin paint brush and some white paint and made "stitches" around all the edges. Now I have lovely "stitched leather" storage boxes *wink* for my media clutter.

A storage solution with style. Much better!

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Heather said...

When I first looked at the picture I thought they were suede! It wasn't until I read the full post and looked again at the picture. Great job!!