Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My darlin' Clementine!

Starting in early December I start craving citrus. I'm not sure if I've been conditioned to this by those evil geniuses at the grocery store or what. Whatever it is, I usually go through several boxes of clementines to satisfy my cravings. (It could certainly be something worse!) Thing is, I end up with TONS of peel left. Mostly it goes on the mulch pile but since I've been so desirous of late to turn my previously useless items into useful things (and okay, because of this recipe) I decided to do something with some of those peels.

The recipe I linked actually calls for lemon peel, but I have to say the orange peel was good! I made sure to scrub the outer skin well and scrape away the pith before I chopped it up.

Whatever peel I didn't want to get so involved with was sliced or cut into squares using kitchen scissors and left on trays to dry. The dried portions will go into potpourri or sachets and the stuff I took more time with will make my recipes yummy!

Now I not only satisfy my cravings but get to enjoy the fruits of a little more labor.

And if you didn't get an earworm from my post title, try this.

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