Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby shower goody bag

I mentioned last week how I was working on several projects but they were mostly for my friend Karen and her baby shower. She's finally received it all and now I can post about it!

I was browsing through blogoland and stumbled upon Homemade by Jill and she had several projects especially for hospital trips and baby delivery - so many great ideas to make a hospital stay a little more comfortable. Such as.....

Grippy socks! Keep your feet warm and prevent you from sliding around on those smooth floors. All it takes is a pair of socks and some puff paint. I then followed a natural design on the bottom of the socks. Her tutorial on socks is here. I already had plenty of puff paint in the craft room but I singled out a bottle that proclaimed it could stand up to all kinds of heat (like in the dryer) and wouldn't crack.

Also on her blog was a stretchy headband (shown in my photo with the matching zippered pouch I made)

Yeah, yeah, I keep saying I'm not a sewer. Well if you'd seen the dither I worked myself into just to make these little projects you'd believe me. Thankfully I had an avid quilter to help me out. Anyway! Her tutorial on the headband (click here) is simple and easy enough to follow. I'm even considering trying another one...*gasp!*

To include in the package deal I also made a small bottle of lotion and some lip balm. I don't know about you, but if my lips and hands are dry I will go crazy.

I made them using a kit I had and it was super easy and actually a lot of fun. Not a lot of work involved, but great for amateur lotion and lip balm makers. I did decide against using their scents they included since they were so strong and instead used none in the lotion (it's shea lotion so it smells good by itself!) and some soft, rose petal scented essential oil I had for the lip balm.

Once I had all the goodies I knew I wanted to corral them in something that would be easy to carry so that's how I ended up designing the zippered pouch. I gathered the goodies together and measures about how big I'd need it. Then I cut the fabric and liner and sewed everything together...with a lot of help. You know how projects always sound so brilliant in your head and then you get to actually doing it and realize it doesn't work that way? Yeah.

In any case it all came together (and coordinates in color even!) so I hope Karen can get some good use out of it!


Xazmin said...

I love it...what a great friend you are!

I have something for you too...a surprise waiting on my blog! :-)

Michelle said...

That is just so sweet!! I wish I had such a nice goodie bag for my trips to the hospital!!

Daisigirl said...

You are so talented! What a lovely gift. It's really nice of you to take time to do all of this! I am sure your friend will love all of it! :)

Brittany said...

I love that grippy sock idea!

You have such thoughtful gifts. :)

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

I totally could of used this 5 months ago when I was in the hospital! I love how the socks turned out.