Sunday, April 26, 2009

Work in progress

Some projects seem SO simple. *cue eye roll*

Thanks to Reinvented I decided I'd start saving jars as I emptied them. I am kindof a storage nut *blushes* and I love when things are free so this seemed perfect!

I saved three jars: salsa jar, diced tomato jar, and Favorit Swiss Preserves jar.

First of all, once they were empty I ran them through the dishwasher, lids included.

The salsa and diced tomato jar had ugly lids and I wasted no time in spray painting them Heirloom White. Here's where began the first problem. The can was...on the empty side so I wasn't able to coat them as completely as I'd have liked. You can still kinda see the writing along the edge of the lid although it is quite faded. I decided ribbon would do the trick and applied some black and white polka-dot ribbon. Actually the wording worked as a great guideline for keeping the ribbon straight!

My next problem was in the label. WHAT in the world are these people using for glue?! Razor knife and lots of rubbing alcohol later I finally got ONE of the label's residue off. I can't for the life of me find my Goo-Gone and I wonder if that wouldn't simplify things. *sigh*

Then I decide to make labels and that's when I discovered the printer was out of ink. *double sigh* So I can't make my cute labels until I get that fixed. You'd think that would be easy but when you live almost an hour away from any office supply stores it's not like you can just run in there and get ink. So that may take me a few days...more...

So here they are half finished. But hey it's that much closer to redecorating my bathroom!

And it isn't like I have been doing nothing. I rototilled three gardens (all mine, can you believe it?), listed a bunch of things on ebay and spruced up my etsy!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get my ink soon and back to the crafting!


the ungourmet said...

My Favorite jars are the Bonne Maman Preserves jars with the red and white checked lids! Have you seen them? Fred Meyer sells this brand I think and I saw it at Safeway today. My favorite is the Apricot Preserves. The other day I had a Croissant at this little bakery and they had the cutest little 1 oz jars of it! I had to keep it! I not sure what I will do with it yet.

I'm glad I am not the only jar fanatic out there! Can't wait to see how they come out!

RamblingMother said...

Great idea. Stopping by from SITS.

Krissy said...

Very Cool Idea, would love to see them when the labels are done!

Brittany said...

Great idea for recycling.

Also, I have a friendship award for you on my blog.
I have nominated you because you are always so thoughtful and friendly when you comment! :)

Little Lady Cakes said...

Good job on your three gardens!

and your pretty bathroom jars. :)

Mercedes said...

I think they look cute!