Sunday, December 13, 2009

Both joy and glee

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...this Christmas tree.
And a little bit of horror (like how it's now held in place by guy wires because it fell over once).

It's a good thing the family room has vaulted ceilings because this year's tree is 12 feet tall...

It didn't look that big in the field, is that any consolation?

I don't know about where the rest of you live but we are surrounded by Christmas tree farms and they are quite cheap and easy to come by. Hmmm I'm not positive but I don't think our tree would appreciate being called cheap and easy. ;)

Sadly it is only decorated with about a dozen ornaments at the moment. I'm 5'2" and afraid of heights and ladders so I really haven't been involved in the decorating of this one.

Oh and that's a 4 foot tall present to the left of that photo - we're doing things big this year. :)

I bought this trio of mini lit trees half off at Joann's a few years back. Love them. And since the family room is decorated in things like vintage snowshoes and sleds they get to stay out year round. The trees are next to our stockings hung with care by the to the pinball machine...traditional what?

I have to say this year is more like the Christmas that came up and bit us in the rear while we weren't looking. Too much running around. It may give you comfort to know I'm taking more care with my decorating in other areas of the house - those photos will come later.

For now go visit Thrifty Decor Chick and her Christmas Tree Party and find something to actually be inspired by!