Monday, July 5, 2010

Fragrant Acres

I have a dream of covering this place in herbs and wildflowers and calling it "Fragrant Acres" - doesn't it seem fun to name your home?

This is an old potting table that I recently cleaned off (you may not recognize it without the table and tea party treats from this post) and I potted some oregano in an old coffee pot and these lavender stems were some I accidentally broke off while cleaning my herb garden. I'll let them dry here and do something fabulous with them later. :)

I'm away and not sure how long I'll be gone (people like kidnapping me and not giving me details) so I thought I'd set up some "photo a day" posts in my absence.

1 comment:

shari said...

hope you have a great adventure on your kidnapacation... i know i'll enjoy your pictures while you are away!