Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alima Pure

I realized the other day I'm almost completely out of foundation. I usually have a few extras on hand, product I bought on super clearance to try or something, but I've been slowly chipping away at those too and now it's almost all gone.

I've been wearing L'Oreal's mineral foundation for a few years now but something about it is dissatisfying me. When I realized I needed to go on the hunt for new I remembered a local company called Alima. I ordered samples from them years ago and loved them but for some reason never purchased further. A google search revealed the company has made some improvements. They now go by Alima Pure and have a cute little bird as the company logo.

They sell certified natural products and are cruelty free.

My package arrived quickly (well, they are local, but I have heard about their packages arriving quickly all the way across the country as well) in a bubble mailer and inside was...

These cute paper bags sealed with logo stickers - the bag on the right are free samples they sent.

I limited my order to three foundation samples but let me tell you they had plenty of lovely, tempting things I wanted to try. These sample jars are $1.50.

The company has 60 shades of satin matte foundation so if you can't find your matching color in that I don't know what to tell you. I chose to try Neutral 0, Neutral 1, and Warm 0.

Labels on the bottom let you know what color you are using.

The samples they sent me were thoughtfully chosen and complementary to the shades of foundation I ordered.

I received luminous shimmer eyeliner in Noir, bronzer in Maracaibo, and satin finishing powder in Yuki.

I don't have an eyeliner brush but I went out and bought one just so I could try this eyeliner. I've never used a powdered eyeliner before either but it was quite easy. And this color is a stunning shimmering graphite. Their evil plan in sending me the sample worked well because now I totally want it.

I'm also excited about the bronzer because it's a soft shade. Normally bronzer is so brown I look like I've been rolling in the dirt even when I apply it lightly.

Also included with my order was an invoice (not pictured) with a handwritten thank you on it. This thank you card that gives company info - check out the logos on the bottom.

Also included was this list of products and their ingredients - it is double-sided.

I'm looking forward to ordering my full-sized products for a few reasons - I love that they are local, they have excellent customer service and they have excellent product. Alima foundation really blends into my skin rather than sitting on top making me look powdery until I use a facial mist or until the foundation warms up to me. Plus their many, many shades make it easy for me to find a perfect match.

Have you checked out Alima Pure? You really should.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Samples? LOL I like that the company is cruelty-free. Thanks for sharing - I will definitely check them out! Theresa

Natalie said...

um...I'm totally checking these guys out! Does the foundation last? My issue is that by the end of the work day I want to still look like I have on makeup...