Monday, November 1, 2010

A costume designer I'm not

In {this post} I told you how I was inspired by my Cheshire Cat bag to have an Alice in Wonderland Halloween and I made a large bow headband. I admit this was partially inspired by Alice and partially inspired by over-sized, fun headwear I've seen in some fashion things lately.

Since I was unwilling to spend money on clothes that looked Alice-ian I ended up grabbing things from my wardrobe...a black shirt with a ruffled white center, a black cardigan a black skirt, some humongous false eyelashes and other makeup.

I kinda just looked like a schoolgirl in mourning. Except for the smiling. :)

I did get to wear my fun striped socks (since my friend doesn't allow shoes in her house anyway, fun socks were a must)

And I previously mentioned I bought some Manectric eyeshadow from Shiro Cosmetics to match the beautiful shimmery aqua-blue that was on my inspiration piece.

It was perfect!

And here you can see how many freckles I got gardening all summer without a hat. Oops.

I'm also wearing Maybelline New York Shadow Stylist in Urban Gray (this link takes you to the US English site), Benefit lipstick in Ginger Snap (not made anymore) and ELF moisture care lip color (now called luscious liquid lipstick) in Baby Lips.

As long as I can still wear big false eyelashes and beautiful shimmery shadows I will never stop dressing up for Halloween, I don't care if people see it or not. :)

But maybe next year I'll see if I can't actually look like what I'm going for...


Natalie said...

your eyes look sooooo beautiful in that first pic!

Polka Dot said...

Hooray for fake eyelashes! I wore those recently for the first time ever, and they were pretty awesome. :-)