Friday, August 12, 2011

Sure signs it is summer

 You know what that means, right? First of all, I spend my after dinner time in the grape arbor drinking tea and reading. This photo is already out of date - I've finished that book and the next in the series.

Summer also means that I interrupt my reading and tea time to wander around and take gratuitous photos of dried up grass. I don't know why, I just love it.

Also Queen Anne's Lace - tons of photos of this weed on my computer! Oh but it is so pretty. And it was so well used at the Barn House sale last year!

The moon came out to play. :)

Thank you summer for your warm evenings and long hours - please don't leave me yet!


Mercedes said...

Looks like my parts. Stunning pictures!

Nela said...

Wow, love your last shot! :) It looks very peaceful looking. ;)

shari said...


Anonymous said...

When I looked at the picture with all the clouds, they seemed to move. Gorgeous photos!

cat said...

I was sure I commented on this! I guess I was too busy posting the link on my fb page to send people over to look at the photos because they are stunning! My breath was taken away and I want them all blown up and stuck over my windows. ha!

Brittany said...

I adore Queen Anne's Lace! I don't care that technically it's a weed, it gorgeous ;) And I can't wait to use it in my wedding arrangements, like this one:

Thanks for sharing your pretty pics :)