Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crocheting coming along

My crochet is coming along pretty well! Better than knitting ever did, sad to say. I picked up a couple of books to give me some ideas and some help.

That Austentatious Crochet book is a fun idea but "contemporary designs from the world of Jane Austen" is completely false. Unless people are still wearing muffs and I just haven't seen them. The Happy Hooker is super helpful for learning new stitches. I have the knitting book as well and it helped me immensely.

After a semi-rough start in which nothing I tried to make turned out, I decided to try something more simple and made some of the wash cloths from the spa collection by Lion Brand yarn.

They are not only beautiful but they gave me some skill and experience that I needed to be able to try some more difficult patterns. Enough so that I was able to make a couple pair of...

Thank you Ravelry members and your lovely free patterns. At first I only had the grey yarn and it was bulkier than the pattern called for so those gloves don't look as pretty and consequently I'm keeping those. :) The white ones, however, turned out just right! Let that be a lesson to always use the recommended yarn weight and hook size.


Natalie said...

Oh, how super!
Last night I started teaching my friend how to crochet. Maybe she would like the Happy Hooker... you have certainly gained sweet skills! Are those fingerless gloves? I would love to learn how to make those!

Kristy said...


Kristin said...

Very cool! :) I have that Austen crochet book on my Amazon wishlist, but from the previews I've seen, there doesn't seem to be much in there that I would actually wear. :) I have the SNB knitting book, though, and it is really good. So when I decide to try crocheting, too, I'll definitely be picking up the other one.