Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The ugliest key holder in the world

I may be giving in to my dramatic side. Take a look for yourself:

The face on this thing! What the heck?

I removed the hideous golf boy insert, removed all the hardware, painted the entire piece in an off-white and painted the hooks, hinges and clasp with oil-rubbed bronze.
What I planned to use it for was not related to golf, ugly man-children or keys, but jewelry.

It works great for holding my jewelry or it works great at displaying my jewelry for sale.

Either way, it's better than how it started.


kathy said...

Gorgeous re-purpose.
Not real fond of those man-cave decor items myself. Trite.

Kristin said...

0hhh wow, what a looks really cute now...
I laughed when I saw the golf man up close, his nose is really odd..haha

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Whoa, that is cool! I was wondering who in the world has the need for all those key hooks. I have like 3 keys to my name.