Sunday, January 15, 2012

A bit of a pane

My mom was given this old farmhouse window and it was in pretty rough shape but perfect if you like the junque patina.

However, there was a bit more dirt on here than was really desired. I did do a bit of cleaning and I definitely cleaned the glass but I didn't want to do too much to this because I was pretty sure this was lead paint.

After giving it a mild cleaning I added two coats of oil-based varnish to keep the paint from continuing to flake off absolutely everywhere. It was an enormous pain of a pane to varnish because of all those strips between the pieces of glass. I felt like I was never going to be done.

It goes great above her stand....mantel....whatever. She actually rested it on a couple of small pieces of that grippy stuff you buy in a roll and put in shelves. It doesn't slide and it solves the problem of, how do you hang something this big and heavy without ruining the window or ruining the wall?

I think it has great character and goes perfectly with her style.
Oh my gosh I just remembered she has a fireplace DVD - I totally should have put that on while I shot these photos! :)


Blackbird Experience said...

nice! I kind of love old crusty windows. If I ever have disposable income I think I will be like a kid in a candy shop at the salvage yards. Those, and tiles. Lots and lots of vintage tiles :)

Rachel, A Shepherd's Daughter said...

That is beautiful! I love those backyard finds. People spend a ridiculous amount of money to replicate these little mementos-- its never as good!