Thursday, May 10, 2012

Totally Random Thursday - shot it

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Top Shot on History Channel and now they have a "spin-off" of sorts called Top Guns which I have really enjoyed as well. Thing is, they make me want to try some of these things. Like...I bought a throwing knife. Yes, I did. And some days I'm pretty good with it (when I first typed that it came out 'goof with  it' which may have been what I truly intended) but mostly it's just a lot of excercise of me walking around to pick up my knife that missed the board.

I proved a little better with the shotgun; I had never fired one though I have fired pistols and rifles. My brother decided to show me how to fire the shotgun and we set up a little range of cans. He grabbed the most ancient double-barreled shotgun I think I've ever seen; it said "Hercules" on the side of the barrel and has battle scars all over both sides.

Do these triggers look sketchy to you? They did to me. He even convinced me to fire both barrels at once saying, "Don't be a wimp; it's fine." NO IT WAS NOT FINE. And he thought it was hilarious the twerp.

However I did manage to hit my target.

Have you been inspired to try anything new lately?


shari said...

i tried eating jellyfish at a sushi buffet. it doesn't taste like jelly! it really doesn't taste like anything. but i read an article a few days later that extolled the benefits of eating them. turns out they're good for you!

Odessa said...

I love Top Shot too! I do archery and rifle shooting- occasionally I take out my father's old Luger or Colt .45, but long guns are my favorite.
Single-barrel shot guns are a little easier to handle, especially if you're smaller in stature. I shoot at 20 gauge single barrel with a good deal of success. I'm trying to get more involved with clay shooting this summer.
I've never done knife throwing, maybe I'll have to give it a try!