Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair don't

I have gotten ridiculously lazy about my hair. Today I actually thought 'can't my hair just look nice and sit on my head all week and not require my attention every day?' Too much to ask?
I've been trying all kinds of no-heat curling methods. Don't you think it's interesting how, that used to be just the normal way and now we have all these expensive gadgets and we are fascinated with how we can do it for free and without electricity? Ah commercialism. But I digress.

I've done the sock one and it worked...but not that great. Mostly I just think I'm inept at curling the sock into my hair.
Then I tried this one and when I had long hair it worked fantastic. Since then I've cut my hair and I decided to try it again. And this happened.

Wowie wow! Uh...what do I do with this? Other than take a photo and share it to the entire internet as a warning to others. I suppose there is a way to tame this but I don't know what way that is. I have plans to try again and see if I can't make this work for me, but with the time constraints I had getting ready for work I ended up taking the flat iron to my hair. Thankfully I have a nice friend who bought me a nice flat iron and I went from above to:

It's a little dull after that bounce in the above photo (which admittedly was pretty awesome) but it wasn't quite so.....SO. Knowwhatimean?

Also I stopped by the store the other night and perused the makeup aisle, not expecting to find anything but looking anyway. What do we call that? Crazy? Anyway. I did find something. I found L'Oreal Paris' Infallible 24 hour eyeshadow.

I usually scoff at this sort of thing but secretly dream and wish they will work. I have hooded eyes and I have given up wearing eyeshadow altogether. But this looked so pretty and hey it PROMISED.
I put it on and checked 3 hours later and it was totally melted into my crease. Noooooo! So sad. :(

If you try the hair thing I expect to see photos of you as well. ;)


Megan said...

I like how your "SO" hair matches the style on your t-shirt :). Also, I have the same problem with hair gadgets as you do with eyeshadow -- I know they won't work as promised but I can't help but give in to my desire for them to work so I gather a museum's worth of useless drugstore hair novelties. Le sigh.

kathy said...

ahem. . . that's how my hair looks all the time.

My hairdresser gave me straight hair for my 40th, but around 5pm - it poofed back out.