Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Zoom zoom bloomity bloom! I blinked and now everything around me is blooming. Mostly purple things, but that's just fine because I love purple.

Wild lupine growing in my neighbor's field.

I don't know if you can tell but I'm surrounded by horses. Literally on all sides of me are fields and 3 out of 4 of those fields have horses.

I just love lavender and so do my honeybees. I planted 4 extra plants last year and they have really sprouted this spring. Looking forward to having a different kind of blossom.

Two colors of lilacs because just one isn't enough!

We've had a lovely warm and dry spell and the flowers are really going for it, especially the rhododendrons - I don't recall ever seeing such beautiful rhododendrons as I have this year. In fact I took my camera to work to sneak some photos of the house across from my office because it looks so amazing! I gave a sneak peek here on twitter, but will show my camera photos soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Totally Random Thursday - shot it

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Top Shot on History Channel and now they have a "spin-off" of sorts called Top Guns which I have really enjoyed as well. Thing is, they make me want to try some of these things. Like...I bought a throwing knife. Yes, I did. And some days I'm pretty good with it (when I first typed that it came out 'goof with  it' which may have been what I truly intended) but mostly it's just a lot of excercise of me walking around to pick up my knife that missed the board.

I proved a little better with the shotgun; I had never fired one though I have fired pistols and rifles. My brother decided to show me how to fire the shotgun and we set up a little range of cans. He grabbed the most ancient double-barreled shotgun I think I've ever seen; it said "Hercules" on the side of the barrel and has battle scars all over both sides.

Do these triggers look sketchy to you? They did to me. He even convinced me to fire both barrels at once saying, "Don't be a wimp; it's fine." NO IT WAS NOT FINE. And he thought it was hilarious the twerp.

However I did manage to hit my target.

Have you been inspired to try anything new lately?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair don't

I have gotten ridiculously lazy about my hair. Today I actually thought 'can't my hair just look nice and sit on my head all week and not require my attention every day?' Too much to ask?
I've been trying all kinds of no-heat curling methods. Don't you think it's interesting how, that used to be just the normal way and now we have all these expensive gadgets and we are fascinated with how we can do it for free and without electricity? Ah commercialism. But I digress.

I've done the sock one and it worked...but not that great. Mostly I just think I'm inept at curling the sock into my hair.
Then I tried this one and when I had long hair it worked fantastic. Since then I've cut my hair and I decided to try it again. And this happened.

Wowie wow! Uh...what do I do with this? Other than take a photo and share it to the entire internet as a warning to others. I suppose there is a way to tame this but I don't know what way that is. I have plans to try again and see if I can't make this work for me, but with the time constraints I had getting ready for work I ended up taking the flat iron to my hair. Thankfully I have a nice friend who bought me a nice flat iron and I went from above to:

It's a little dull after that bounce in the above photo (which admittedly was pretty awesome) but it wasn't quite so.....SO. Knowwhatimean?

Also I stopped by the store the other night and perused the makeup aisle, not expecting to find anything but looking anyway. What do we call that? Crazy? Anyway. I did find something. I found L'Oreal Paris' Infallible 24 hour eyeshadow.

I usually scoff at this sort of thing but secretly dream and wish they will work. I have hooded eyes and I have given up wearing eyeshadow altogether. But this looked so pretty and hey it PROMISED.
I put it on and checked 3 hours later and it was totally melted into my crease. Noooooo! So sad. :(

If you try the hair thing I expect to see photos of you as well. ;)