Monday, March 30, 2009

It works!

Be sure to check out Reinvented for Trash to Treasure Tuesday! I love her projects and sense of humor!

Okay remember my post about the box with all the cords? Helene suggested I try a TP tube since I was too paranoid to wrap my cords up tight. Well why not?

So I saved the next empty...only you know I couldn't leave it alone. So I traced the width onto a piece of paper, rolled it (with the paper) as I went and marked the length, cut it out, and stamped it with the paperwhite narcissus stamp I used in this post.

And I even got them mostly straight and even! A miracle!

Add a little Alene's Tacky Glue, roll on the paper and hold with paperclips until dry.

Perfect! I love it! Now I'm waiting for the next empty so I can wrangle my straight iron cord - that thing's a monster!

But I'm keeping busy! The baby shower is this weekend so I'll get to share those projects with you soon. I've added even MORE to my etsy shop, and I've discovered the joy of selling my clutter on ebay - soooooo addicting! And beneficial!

Oh and I have to share this. I could hear geese yesterday morning - not flying by, but somewhere close and stationary. That's not unusual because we have a pair that take a rest here and have been doing so the last couple years. Thing was, I couldn't see them anywhere! I looked all over the field, the yard, the driveway - of course I was doing this from the comfort of the indoors with binoculars in hand - still couldn't see them. It was a little later when I was doing the dishes that I caught movement from the corner of my eye...oh there they are!

What the heck is up with these geese? I've never known geese to land in or on things and last year I found them here

I didn't want to scare it, so I took the picture through the dirty window, but it is in the giant oak tree in the back yard.

Anyone ever heard of geese doing things like this? Or are they just doing it to freak me out?


Daisigirl said...

That is a very smart idea! I need to do this! Thanks for sharing it! I have never seen geese do this either! They must like your place! :0)

B said...

It looks way better your way than if you had left it alone. I for one could not have a nasty tube with bits of tp still clinging to it to "tidy things up" because it wouldn't look clean. Love your ways, so now I think I'm going to start collecting my tubes and putting them to good use!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Very very clever idea!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I Love it, Molly, now that's REALLY a trash to treasure!! great job, I may have to "steal" that one!

Xazmin said...

Great trash to treasure! I'm sorry you have to "wait" for another emptly - with 6 people we have at least 1 a day...sometimes more!


Maridith said...

Wow I need to do this. Very good idea. And no, I have never seen Geese do that. Maybe they have "Spring Fever" and are doing lots of wacky things!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Have a great day!!

Stefanie said...

Running to get my tp rolls out of the garbage! I bet all my cords won't take up a huge box now ;)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Brittany said...

Geese doing ANYTHING would freak me out!

Love the cord keeper! I am totally doing that. Thanks for sharing. :)

janet said...

brilliant idea and looks pretty at the same time

Brenda said...

That toilet paper tube is a great idea! NO WAY I could have left it plain either! :)

That is strange about the geese. My in-laws had some at their lake house and they stayed on the ground. Also, the old babysitter had some on her street....again, they stayed on the ground. I'd keep my eye on those things! LOL