Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trying something new can have interesting results

I was trying to make space in my bedroom so I put a couple of things to use that had been either in a pile or hiding behind my bookcase. I should probably start by saying I painted my bedroom about a year and a half ago and still hadn't hung a single picture back up. Since I've had the cleaning bug things either need to have a specific purpose or they are in danger of being ebayed.

I found some fabric I once had draped over a window - it's quite a lengthy piece and I haven't really know what to do with it since. But I'd been playing with the idea of changing up my bed since it has a finish I hate...and the style is...old. (I got it from a relative's estate sale). Here's what it looks like:

Now no derogatory comments about the state of my bed, I wanted you to be able to see the headboard so I pulled the covers back. And yes, the photo is dim. Seriously there is no natural light until summertime!

I would love to strip the wood and do something different there, but there is no way I'm standing out in the cold for a project like that so it will just have to wait. Instead I took the fabric I previously mentioned and wove it through.

I tacked it in the back with little brass push pins (you'll never see them!) and draped the ends around the posts. It's not a perfect solution (it is a very sheer fabric after all) but it takes care of two problem items!

Quite the rustic, natural fiber look. Of course, considering my next project I'm going to show you that is mild in comparison!

Years ago I bought a print of Ashley National Forest. It's got white and green, a little yellow; It's great! At the time I didn't have the means for a large enough frame so I got creative. And by creative I mean I left my brain somewhere else that day and let wild monkeys come up with a plan to get it on the wall. Not attractive. Not easy to hang.

I...I mean the monkeys...adhered it to some foamcore and then cut a piece of wood for each corner to "frame it" then I had to glue sticks around it to hide the nasty looking glue. Oh yeah, this keeps getting better and better.

Looking at it now I really didn't want those weird wooden corners at all and was trying to come up with a way to cover them. I thought about twigs or pebbles but that seemed too laborious. I wanted something that would go quickly and hide a lot of mess. And then I let the monkeys have control again. So I...I mean the monkeys...chose moss because I still had tons of it left over from this project.

Here's before:

You can see where my twigs to hide the glue had broken off and left little bits of themselves. Lovely.

And after:

We shall say I am not thrilled with the monkey's decision. It's just too weird, even for me. I mean I love the outdoors and all, but... I kinda make this face every time I look at it.
Ah well. Can't get everything right all the time. And perhaps next time I will have learned not the let the wild monkeys choose the decor!


Heather said...

What a great way to give your bed an update without breaking the bank! LOVE the print too! I have to agree with you about the moss though.

Sig said...

I just love coming to your blog. That ray o' sunshine is just what I need..

KC Mom said...

It's awesome that you are trying new stuff. It was a great idea to thread fabric in the headboard. Thanks for visiting my blog today. :)

Megan said...

I love that you posted a project even though you didn't like the results. You win some, you lose some ;p.

Meg said...

I love what you did tothe bed! I actually really really like it. How clever!