Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Lovely List

It's Living Lovely time again! The Lovely List was our challenge - what says lovely to you? Display it so it can be a constant inspiration. (If you'd like some inspiration on how to do this, I love Heidi's project and will be making one of my own soon)

When I read about this challenge I knew I wanted to post a project I did a few years ago. I took a favorite photo I took in one of my favorite camping spots:

(yes, I have a slight obsession with sunbeams in my photos. I need to join sunbeam photos anonymous or something)

I took my photo to the local print shop and had a color photocopy made to fit inside a frame I already had. I also had a favorite quote printed onto vellum - sheer enough to see a hint of the photo behind.

I mounted both to a piece of black cardstock and then covered my edges with patterned ribbon.

The quote is from Treasure Mountain by Louis L'amour - a favorite author. It sums up many of my feelings about the outdoors and the sights I've seen over the years - all things that give me a contented sigh because they are just lovely.

The (mildly condensed) quote reads:

I don't know what you are wishful for in this life, but you set down of a night and you pray to God that he'll let you walk alone across a mountain meadow when the wild flowers are blooming.
You pray he'll let you set by a mountain stream with the sunlight falling through the aspens, or that he'll let you ride across an above-timberline plateau with the strong bare peaks around you and the black thunderheads gathering around them - great, swelling rain clouds ready to turn the meadows into a swamp in a minute or let him show you those things, and you'll never miss heaven if you don't make it.
There's majesty in those peaks, and grandeur in the clouds, and there's a far and wonderful beauty in the distance.

Be sure to visit Mt. Hope Chronicles for the many ways others are living lovely and making a lovely list.


Mean Mommy said...

Found you through your comment on Mt.Hope's post. Beautiful project! I'm very inspired and I love how you made this your own interpretation of a lovely list. Now I've got lots of ideas! :)

Maggi said...

What lovely pictures and I love your quote, this is a great little project!

Heidi said...

Terrific idea, Molly! I love the vellum overlay. Gonna hafta give it a try. :)

Jade said...

I think that the phrase living lovely is so you. I never seem to get such beautiful pictures. You seem to do it so effortlessly.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

This turned out SO classy! And the quote is lovely. My oldest son was hooked on Louis L'amour when he was in High School. Great kid. : )
And about 'Cahill'...I'd never seen it before last week either. I LOVED it.
Have a great weekend,

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

so many great ideas! I love the photo an dhow wonderful to have that quote with the photo softly peek through.

(Louis L'amour was my father-in-law's favorite author too)

Blessings & aloha!

Brittany said...

I LOVE that last shot! Fab capture, Molly! :)

Also, your new blog header is adorable and is totally "you."

I had a lot of fun designing Brighton's blog. I am so pleased with how it turned out! Thanks for visiting her site, too. :)