Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An old dictionary makes a great neutralizer

What if you have a storage box that is still functional, still needed but still really reflects the era that created it - What's the solution? As Hamlet said, "Words. Words. Words."
(Yep I just threw Hamlet at you, hopefully you've already had your morning coffee)

In my enormous project of a closet makeover I challenged myself to using things I already had to beautify and add unity to the space.

When I removed everything (you have no idea how much stuff you really have until you take everything out of your closet) I discovered I had no fewer than five (five!!) dictionaries. I was an English major, a teacher and I'm a self-proclaimed word nerd and bibliophile (don't be alarmed that just means lover of books) but good grief, that is way too many. It's especially too many considering I hardly ever use them all. This one I don't think I've ever opened.

It's a 1949 edition and actually has some pretty stuff inside but if I never look at it, what good does it do me? So, as hard as it was for a bibliophile like me to do this...I took pages out of the book to cover my box.

I used a can of spray adhesive to attach the pages to the flattest and largest parts and I used regular old white school glue to attach the rest. Now my box is color neutral and unique! And I'm finally getting some use out of something that was just taking up space.

My little shelf border was made from newspaper - a project I will talk about more in the coming days. To see my whole, dramatic closet redo come back Thursday!

This project is linking up to Reinvented's Trash to Treasure Tuesday! As well as Poppies at Play - check out all the great projects!


Andy Porter said...

Nice!! That box was crying out for help and you surely saved the day! I love the idea of using old paper! Very cute!! Thanks the the link and happy Tuesday!!
~Andy @ P@P

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I SERIOUSLY LOVE old paper! I love writing! I do a TON of paper redues and I'm always leaning toward the paper with old writing on it! I love that box! Great work! Good THinking!
Found you VIA Poppies@Play!

Condo Blues said...

I like using old books for projects too. I did something similar with pages from old phone books.

patinamarie said...

I love the idea of using old pages too, but I also feel the tug at the 'ol heart strings about using them...

Here's a link of one such uses...little torn pieces of text and accordion folded sheet music.


Enjoy and THANKS for sharing your ideas....

Tina from So. Oregon

Maggi said...

Another fab idea! I am loving all of your clever closet projects! So inspiring!!!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Great idea, Molly! I gave up on storage boxes in our closet and started using those huge ziplock bags to store clothes in. Now I may have to switch back! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Since I have personally seen the "before", I am very impressed with your "after". You do have a good imagination.