Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unexpected or out of context Lovely

It's Living Lovely day at Mt. Hope Chronicles!

This week's theme is unexpected lovely or lovely that is out of context. Be sure you visit Mt. Hope Chronicles to check out her post it's great!

I actually found a bit of unexpected lovely just yesterday. I was working outside and discovered there are raspberries on the vines - in November? Amazing! Especially considering they were done about mid-July. They've never done this before and I was delighted!

Also unexpected and considerably out of context are these bright and sunny calendula flowers growing out of the yard debris burn pile. They are certainly persistant. :)

This is a photo I've shared before but it's not...ever...that we have roses blooming in winter!

Or this year, before the roses were gone, I stumbled across this unexpected sight.

That little guy appreciates lovely too!

Hope you find your own unexpected lovely this week!


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness, Molly. What perfect examples of unexpected lovely!! And raspberries... my favorite! Now you got me thinking. I'm going outside to check my blackberry vines to see if there are any straglers. :)

Lindsey @ Better After said...

I think you were reading my blog at the same time I was reading yours! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

I LOVE your pictures... the unexpected lovely I found today was my 3 year old son cleaning up without being asked. Unexpected AND lovely to me!

shari said...

molly, your delightful pictures were an unexpected lovely to me and that sweet little frog...he made me go "oooohhhh!!" thanks for the smiles and the giggle...

Maggi said...

These are the neates unexpected lovelies!

Room to Inspire said...

Great photos! I love the sweet little frog...just hanging out.