Thursday, January 14, 2010

Living Lovely - read a poem

Living. Lovely. is back! This week Heidi challenged us to read a poem.
First I have to choose a poem.

Oh my. I think I need a cup of tea to get me started.

Let's take a closer look. The Book of Scottish Verse has some serious brogue going on. I know poetry can confuse some people but at least I can usually figure out what all the words are!
Major British Poets was for a class I took in college...Songs of the Sage belonged to my grandfather...Emily Dickinson I gave a presentation on when I was in college...
How am I ever going to choose anything out of these anthologies? And I didn't even bother adding my Norton Anthologies to the stack.

I went with Emily Dickinson - she's been a favorite since I was introduced to her work in junior high. And with little gems like this, I may not stop with just one.

You can find many (if not all) of her poetry available to read online here.


theUngourmet said...

I have a couple of wonderful poetry books around here somewhere. I should go dig them out and fix up a bit of tea as well! Great thinking!

Heidi said...

Love, love, love Emily Dickinson. I should have picked her! I have the picture book Emily illustrated by Barbara Cooney, an adorable little book called The Mouse of Amherst by Elizabeth Spires (Emily Dickinson from a mouse's point of view) and a book of her poems. We'll have to do that next! :) I always enjoy your posts, Molly!