Sunday, January 3, 2010

Memoirs of a 200 year old

It's a sad day, my friends. My muse has left me. Or more like...was cut down...with no small amount of frustration, pouting and a few tears on my part.

Two weeks ago I walked outside to find this:
A branch had simply cracked off on a windless, non-icy day. It (the one indicated with the red arrow) landed on the one below it, eventually causing it to break off as well.

A tree man was called and he discovered the entire tree was cracking down the center of the branch convergence near the top of the trunk. I am so very sad. I know that's probably silly to some of you but I get a lot of goodies as well as a lot of enjoyment from my old oak tree. I have never had to buy moss for any project. I have used the fallen leaves as gift tags, I used the acorns in my decor, I even glittered the galls.

My favorite though, was to snap photos. It has such a great silhouette that even getting just a part of it in a photo was always fun for me.

So in memoriam here are some of my favorites. Hang on...I need a tissue...
In Spring,



And Winter.

I liked standing at the very base to look up - made me feel quite small and insignificant.

Just a corner...swirling in the clouds.


And rainbows.
(and puppies and unicorns! Oh wait...)

Earlier this week I did manage to get its broken silhouette with the moon and the Christmas lights.

And I'll never forget the insane Canadian Goose that landed in it.

I was taking the photo through a window so just go ahead and pretend the windows were clean, okay?

I will miss you tree.


Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Molly I am so sorry for your loss...

I love the shots of you looking up into the tree. You're right, I feel small looking at the pics. I can't imagine how tiny you'd feel in person.

shari said...

it's NOT silly, molly! i love my trees, too. and taking pics of them in every different season... i'm sorry for your loss. i hope the space gets filled with something even more fun! hugs...

Christine said...

Oh Molly!
Thank you for sharing your pictures of your TREE. Wonderful pictures and emotional, also.
I love the fact that you captured the life of your TREE.

Brittany said...

So sad!!! I hate to see trees cut down. :(

After Hurricane Ike, it seemed like if the wind did not take it down, the city had it marked to be removed. Heartbreaking.

I love the contrasty black and white images. So pretty!