Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mexican-French inspired...all the rage

Okay, so it's not all the rage, but you never know and I could start something! ;)

I started with two things I've had for ages, but suddenly looked at them and they just weren't working for me anymore.

The fleur-de-lis hook I got a local shop years ago and the papier-mache Mexican star I got from my neighbor's garage sale. You really can't see the hook much because it blends into the books so well. So I did what every self-respecting redo blogger does and I painted it Heirloom White.

Now it's better but it's lacking dimension. Enter Burnt Umber, my secret weapon.

Dab some on...

Then smear it around with a damp paper towel - working it into the crevices to give the piece a more aged look.

The star I also painted hand. Really. Actually that was the easy part!

Why white? Because I'm hoping to make it look more like this:

(image borrowed from here)

Once I had it painted white (which only took four coats) I painted the edges black.

Now its looking more like it, but it looks a bit dull.

So I paint inside each triangle with white pearl paint. I'm telling you the Sistine Chapel didn't take this long! Each time I thought I was done I'd turn the star and there'd be at least two more...ugh....
But I have to say it has a fabulous luminous quality that I just couldn't capture with a photo.

Now how do they look on the shelf? Wow you can actually see them!

Actually that star seems a bit...erm...bright (even for a star). I think I'll have to water down some tan paint and maybe some more Burnt Umber and tone this baby down. But that can wait until I can close my eyes and not feel like I've fallen into a Medieval torture chamber. All I see are spikes when I close my eyes.

For those late to the party I fixed it! Go here.

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considerthelillies said...

the miracle of paint! they do look so much better!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

That fleur de lis hook -- awesome!! You are on the right track!

Victoria said...

Your hook looks much better white! Your star can be a work in progress, I have several things I've done something to and it's still not where I want it!

Mandy Higgs said...

Molly!!!! love it, looks so good after it's makeover,,,lol

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

I love that paper star. I have a hall light like it and it cheers me up everytime I look at it.
The Power of Paint! Love it!