Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take-along-Spring and pinch repellant

If you're not feeling "Springy" yet. try taking Spring along with you! Flowers, bird's nests filled with bright blue eggs and even the key to the secret garden await you at the Bit O' Shine shop.

And since St. Patrick's day is coming up you might need some pinch repellant and I have some in three different shades here, here and here.

Flowers and green things - sounds like I'm craving Spring all right! Tomorrow is my 200th post! I'll be taking you on a tour of a real life craft room. And yes, you will be jealous. :)


Sandra said...

Beautiful jewelry...love the green too! Thanks for stopping by...glad to meet you! Sandra

Jen said...

What a great craft room :) I really need to set one up soon!