Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real Life creative space - Judy's craft room

My cousin Judy is one of the craftiest people I know. She used to decorate cakes, she quilts, she crochets, she paints, she does it all! I've been getting beautiful handmade gifts from her for years.

I housesat for her and her husband a few times this summer and her craft room was this magical place where I could stand in the middle of the room, think of something I needed to use, look around for a minute and it would be there. It was so much fun!

I talked her into allowing me to take a tour and share it with everyone, so here we go...

Her craft room takes up two rooms in their basement. She has very bright lights installed - it's like walking out into sunlight! I had to keep adjusting the settings on my camera. :)

Need a craft book for reference? She has a few of those...

Who needs the fabric store when you could go to Judy's house! I actually did this recently, she was gracious enough to let me browse and cut out some triangles I need for a banner.

She has her fabric categorically organized. Christmas fabrics in one spot, batiks in another. Cotton quilters fabrics are nicely organized by color.

She has two sewing machines. A vintage featherweight (complete with accurate seam guide)

As well as a newer one - the ones with all those buttons that make it look like an airplane cockpit. But it can make all kinds of fancy stitches! And check out that roomy table to work on.

She has a perfect spot for her cutting table under the window. That turquoise doll in the sill is the scariest thing I've ever seen - she has it there to scare away this crazy bird that likes to come and peck on the glass.
A quilt rack is draped with WIPS (works in progress) and her ironing board is always ready for use.

In her corner shelf she has buttons. And I mean buttons! Some are organized by color.

Others....well good luck. :)

To the left of the corner shelf is room #2 - the "everything crafts" rather than quilting and sewing space.

She has an old store display filled with patterns.

Lots of paint to choose from.

And she uses old furniture and dressers to keep it organized.

Top drawers are for ribbon (organized, again, by colors)

She's got stamps, beads, paper, lace, styrofoam forms, etc, etc, ad infinitum hidden in these drawers and cabinets.

A crocheted lampshade cover she made.

One of her Halloween wall hangings she sewed.

I could have taken a million more photos, but you get the idea.
What a fun place! Thanks for coming along with me!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Could you send me her exact address..and maybe a phone number! heeheehee! I would like to drop by and spend the day! What a wonderful room and great stash! I would love to see some of the things she makes! ♥

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Wow...everything you need for inspiration right at your fingertips. And so organized, too!
Cindy at Lakewood

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

That's incredible! I wanna visit too!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wow!!! When can I move in??? This is SO wonderful!!! Tell your friend thanks for letting us have a peek.

Ruhammie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That is one AWESOME craft room! I've been meaning to show mine since I got a new I can't, WAY too messy. Oh how I'd LOVE to be in that space.

Uncovered Ruby said...

Holy cow! I would l.o.v.e. to have a space like that!
Lisa :-)

DragonflyzDreams said...

Oh Myn Gosh, I do envy your SpaCe! I have none, just a tiny bedroom and I need a barn!

Smiles, cyndi