Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventures in cardmaking

I choose not to card shop much anymore. Last time I tried I think I created some frown lines reading those awful and ridiculous lines that you just can't believe someone got paid to write. My cousin gave me a package of cardstock pre-cut and creased into card shapes and even includes some envelopes and I've been using those for all my special occasion needs. Plus it's just way more fun. :)

My brother's birthday was in March so I made him a card of some of his favorite things, diamond plate chrome and tire tracks. The "diamond plate" is a scrap of scrapbook paper - I used it as my base, layering a piece of rippled carstock covered by...

...another piece of cardstock that I made tire tracks on. Super easy! Just use a toy car, roll the back tires over an ink pad and vroom vroom your way to a custom pattern. He loved it. :)

Several couples I know recently announced engagements with weddings set for this summer. I've been dying to make a cute layered cake using this tiny pom trim I bought from Christopher Pines so this is perfect! This one is a work in progress, just so you know. :)

The layers: I cut the oval out of the white card and layered the pink behind it, window style. For the cake layers I first embossed strips of paper using the "vintage rose" distress powder. The cake stand and topper are rub-ons by Heidi Grace Designs (found in scrapbooking locales all over the place). Around my oval I put a piece of my ever-present dictionary page - I'm not sure I'll ever use them all up!

Inside the front cover of the card I used the "love" dictionary page with a pair of rub-ons highlighting the important part.

So, any fabulous ideas on what I can use to cover the gap between my dictionary page and pink oval? I've been pondering it a good month now and I'd appreciate some ideas!


Jeanette said...

oh Molly love the cards! I especially love that wedding cake - genius!
perhaps some pearls or rhinestones?

Missie@Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Ooh, love your cards. The wedding cake is especially cool!

Pine Tree Home said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my place. Your comments were so sweet and I laughed to. I am looking forward to checking out all the inspiring stuff you have over here.

Michelle said...

I bey you had fun in your card making adventures. Your cards are really cute and they are very lovely.