Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cascadia - fairytale forest

One summer my friend's husband couldn't go camping with her and her relatives so she invited me along. I guess they liked me because they've been inviting me back ever since. :)

Because of the droopy limbs covered in moss and the way the light filters through the campground, it reminds me a bit of a fairytale forest.

There's a river running nearby...

Pathways have railings to keep you from falling over any cliffs. :)
Don't worry, it isn't scary.

A little tiger moth.

I wish I could have gotten a photograph of the large moth we found. It had a wingspan as wide across as I can spread my whole hand.

And nearby you can visit a covered bridge.

There's also a hike up (and I do mean UP) to a gorgeous falls but my friend and I decided not to take that route this year since she has a little one.

It is deliciously cool in the heat of summer and my friend's family is great company (and prepares the yummiest food) so we always have a great time.

I couldn't find a decent information website on this campground but if you care to visit you may be able to find something useful.


Dianne said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful place...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Beautiful post - it is truly a faerie forest! Theresa

Olivia said...

what a lovely post :) it looks so pretty there!