Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Papaya

If you find yourself in the Oregon state capital I hope you'll take the time to look up Sweet Papaya.

My friend and I went and had "lunch" - it's a self-serve frozen yogurt place which is why lunch is in those nudge nudge wink wink quotation marks.

There's a wall of machines full of flavors of sorbet and frozen yogurt and then there's a bar of fresh fruit, a bar of candy toppings and a rack of sauce/topping bottles. Your goodies are weighed at the end and that determines cost. I didn't get a photo of any of this stuff because I was holding a little one part of the time.

Does it sound enticing? How about this:

I put mango sorbet in the bottom because mango is one of my absolute favorite flavors. It came out SUPER slow from the machine so when I then decided I wanted a swirl of coconut and a swirl of pineapple I thought it would be the same. Um no. Hence my giant cup full. But I ate all of it, oh yes I did. ;)

Oh and fresh kiwi topping. Fruit extravaganza! Yay!

The place is also little one approved. :)


Amber Noella said...

What a unique little shop! I would love to go there.

theUngourmet said...

I have a place close to me that is just like this called UU Yogurt. I love it! It's so fun!

shari said...

oh! i want a little of each please! this sounds like a wonderful place...wish we had something like it! we don't even have TCBY anymore...:(