Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage ring storage doubles for art

My mom was thinking about getting rid of these old things she's had for years. Originally the frames were gold and she painted them black - so that's where I get that! ;)

But the black paint was getting a funky patina

And the art is pretty dark for a springtime project. It's actually decoupaged onto the glass so it's a good thing I didn't need the glass anyway!

My brother sells Mac Tools and gave me these cool kiwi pliers for Christmas (so called because they look like kiwi birds) - they have amazing grip and because they are angled it's much easier to see what you're getting at since your hands aren't in the way.

Once I was down to just the frame I spent some time cleaning it up and decided to use the rest of my paint from my birdcaged books project.

While I was letting that dry, I used the oval glass as a template to cut a piece of lightly patterned scrapbook paper and a piece of cardboard from a cracker box. (Glue paper to cardboard.)

These rings were all made by my great aunt Ellen sometime between the 1950's and 1970's. Read more about these and her beading here. I have treasured them for years but was wanting a way to display them so they weren't tucked away in a jewelry box.
I figured where I wanted them placed once I got my middle together...

Then traced loosely around the widest part of the ring onto the back of the cardboard.

I tell you, most of the time I'm crafting I fly by the seat of my pants so if this seems probably is, but it totally worked.

Once my circles were drawn I cut an opening in the center of each using a craft knife.

How it looks from the front. These gaps will be covered by the main part of the ring.

From the front, they tuck into the opening and then the ring is held securely with no risk for damage.

I like how the paper's pattern mimics the ring design. :)

So much better than hidden away! Being a beader myself I appreciate the artistry but I also love how the pops of color make such vibrant art.

Speaking of pretties a friend has just opened an [etsy shop] full of floral brooches and belt bags, I'm sure she'd be thrilled to have you stop by and visit!

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Polka Dot said...

As as usual, your craftiness wows me! I wish I could be clever like that. :P I love that style of frame and the new color is super-adorable.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

You are amazing! I love how it turned out.

Jill said...

What a cute way to display the rings! I love what you did, and love the color too.

Anonymous said...

Awe Molly, I'm blushing! Thank you. Adorable idea for your mom's throw away frame. I love it!

Kayla said...

Wow, how pretty! If only I had the drive you do!

June@I will craft said...

What a great way to treasure the rings and the frame from your Mom. I loved your makeover. I think we had similiar frames growing up. Maybe I'll have to ask my Mom if she still has them in the garage.

kelli@restoreinteriors said...

This is amazing! I love how you recycled the cracker box! I am writing a tutuorial for the Polka Dot Pantry tonight using empty Lay's Stacks cans. Now, I am going to have to save all of my empty cardboard stuff:) Thanks for sharing this at Restored It Wednesday!

Denise said...

Great find and love what you transformed it into!

Extreme Personal Measures

Annabelle said...

Very Creative Molly; adore the frame.

Just popping in to tell you I have posted something special for you on my blogs ....a surprise you've been waiting for..... a very, very long time.

Hugs Annabelle ~^..^~

Sibylle said...

just beautiful!!!!

Brianna! said...

well isnt that just the CUTEST
I LOVE that you used the ritz cracker box.

I LOVE ritz crackers, so naturally this is another excuse to eat and entire box of them right?!??


theUngourmet said...

This is such a wonderful ring display. Your Aunt Ellen's ring are beautiful! I love the color you chose for the frame, it's so very springy! ;) said...

Oh my- I love it so, so much! I want to make one to decorate the space above my dresser. I'll be linking as well.

Allison Shops said...

Cute idea!
Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see the informal picture wall I did for DD2.


Tiffany said...

This is so super cute :) The paint color makes it 'pop'

adrianne said...

That is so great! I loveee the frame!