Thursday, February 10, 2011

Strange skies - winter edition

The weather has been strangely nice (for the most part) lately and we've also been having some strange skies.

Like this - have you ever seen clouds look like this? It looks like some weird wall or rock formation.

Strangely tinted clouds with just a hint of rainbow.

Not really strange skies but when I saw this happening I thought of that saying that goes "shoot for the moon, and if you miss you'll still land among the stars." I think this one is going to land among the stars because they totally missed the moon. ;)

This one will take some creativity (or crazy?) but I saw this cloud and totally thought "ghost." Like it has a huge mouth and his arms are up in the air in spooky moan pose.

No? Just me? Like the cold frosted my brain or I read too many books and it has addled my brain or I just have way too active of an imagination? Oh well.


Lizzie said...

I saw it right off! I love making pictures out of the clouds!

Crista "Moriah" said...

Those clouds do look strange...but in a beautiful kind of way.
I love the rainbow one! :)


cat said...

I saw that ghost before you pointed it out. Go, me!

Your camera takes great sky shots. I need a better camera. I love skyline shots.

Lesley said...

You're awesome! That's wicked that your brain went there!