Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How pirates do decor - my beautiful gift

I won a blog giveaway done by Annabelle at The Wood Beyond The World and guess what I got in the mail yesterday?
I was too impatient to wait for good lighting to photograph everything so the color on this one is funky.

 I just love the pretty blue paper and shimmery ribbon she used.

Does that tea not sound divine? And she included a lovely card.

Inside was the most gorgeous, magical thing I think I've ever seen - one of her bottle creations.

Look at this beautiful detailing and sparkle! And I love the delicate translucent shell.

Even a dangling crystal. And see the sand and shell inside?

Because of my nickname Molly the Pirate [ yes it is totally juvenile and no I won't give it up! ;) ]  I have amassed something of a nautical-themed book collection and a few accessories to match. Please tell me I'm not the only one who decorates a bookshelf?

Just look how perfect this gorgeous bottle fits in! I feel like some kind of pirate queen who found the ultimate treasure.

Anna - your talent is incredible! And matched only by your generosity. This treasure has found a very happy home.

Visit Anna's blog here and her Etsy shop here.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How amazing! It really is gorgeous! And is perfect for you, Molly! I'll go look at her Etsy! WOW! ♥

Natalie said...

wow! the first thing I thought of when I saw it was how perfect it is for you! Congratulations on winning!

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Don't worry you are not the only one! I have quite a sizable collection of pirate/tropical/nautical books and many decor items as well. That bottle is AMAZING!

Olivia said...

that is incredible! I'm going onto her shop right now!!! :) x

Annabelle said...

Molly ,

Thanks so much for the lovely post ; so happy it made it safely to your home. I think it looks purfectly happy where you placed it amongst the old pirate books and chest. And don't think for a moment that your name is silly, I luv using Annabelle because I adore Poe, the sea and of course hubby gave me the nick name. And if I had a bookshelf I'd do the same...... your bookshelf looks .....loike a poirate's, arrr...haha.

Annabelle >^_^<

Jeanette said...

pretty! okay, beyond pretty and so unique! I love how it fits you perfectly!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Color me jealous! Looks like it was made for your shelf ( I do the same:)

Sarah Grace said...

That is gorgeous, and that tea looks heavenly :)

Sarah Grace said...

Molly ,

I am soon going to be reaching my 100th post on my blog . I would like to host a giveaway in celebration . Would you be willing to sponser something for me ?

Let me know @