Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scared awake - what is that THING in my grapefruit

I'm not what you would call a morning person. I'm not a groggy person, I just like to acclimatize myself to being awake (which reads: don't yammer at me unless you want me to give you the glare of death). But I pretty much went from 0 to 60 when I opened my grapefruit and found this:

At first it looked like some kind of creature just under the surface of the fruit. And in these gory red grapefruit bits...tell me it doesn't look like some weird fetus.

Once I got my heart rate to slow down I realized what it was and took these hurried, horrible photos. I threw it in my mulch pile. Maybe I'll get a grapefruit tree out of the deal. ;)


Polka Dot said...

This made me laugh... and shudder. :)

lilraggedyangie said...

O my , that woulda made me a nervous mess so glad however you survived breakfast , but so sad you had to be awoken in such a way ! Enjoy the rest of your day! hugs
lil raggedy angie

shari said...

little shop of horror flashback?!

theUngourmet said...

Oh that is wild!

A grapefruit tree would be awesome! ;)

Uncovered Ruby said...

Ha, ha..that'd make me do a double take too! That's a ripe one!
Lisa ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you know it was organic! :-)