Saturday, May 21, 2011


Maybe it's not a coincidence that WIP could both stand for What Is Up and Works in Progress. Here's what I've got for both.

After months of waiting on the library list I finally got Sarah Addison Allen's The Peach Keeper. I finished it in a day and a half. I really connected with some of the characters but this definitely felt different from her other books. Not bad, just different. That's all I'm going to say. :)

My friend Megan has been bugging me to watch this forever and I finally remembered! Thanks to hulu I've been catching up. What a bizarre show. I like it.

 (To date I think Pier Pressure is my favorite episode. Hilarious.)

For some reason I can't even remember, I decided to look for clothing items on ebay. I found exactly what I was looking for and it was great prices (a dollar is a good price to me, what do you think?) even with shipping. Which is exactly the opposite experience I have shopping on normal clothing sites or even in store. It got the hamster wheel turning and I've since cleaned my own closet and made moola selling things I never wear. Could this get any better? Well...the fees could be better...

I'd show you photos of my new stuff but I'm still waiting on my items. :)

Speaking of stuff...I've been finding some goodies at dear old Goodwill.

Like these shoes for $3.99.

Hmm. Shoes? Really? Yeah, normally I don't even look but there were a gajillion people down the aisles I wanted to go down. Found these Land's End shoes that actually fit, look hardly worn and were the half price color of the day. Since I have an impossible time finding shoes that fit and my old Skechers shoes are acting like they want to die because I wear them all the time, these came home with me.

But I also scored this overnight travel bag for just 99 cents! (half price color woot woot!) - I was looking for one so I was excited to find it at so affordable a price.

 The brand is Jaguar. It was probably an awesome bag 15 years ago, but I so don't care. 99 cents!! Ha ha!

I'm going to catch some garbage for this one since my friend thinks I'm a purse hoarder but I also found this lavender lovely for just $7.99. I've never paid a new price for a purse so I'm just going to assume that is a bargain. Plus I found a dime in one of the inside pockets. Would have been nice if it had been $10 but pshhh.

THEN I got my goodies from the Gussy giveaway! You probably heard a delighted shriek when I first learned I won - I'm sure you heard me, wherever you may live. These lovelies arrived just in time for me to wear them to a two year old's birthday party and they will be headed to The Oregon Garden Resort with me in just a short while. Thank you Maggie!

Speaking of that two year old, I spent most of my week visiting her and her family so I was much too busy playing in the sandbox, catching balloons and picking dandelions to worry about this silly old blog.


Once the photos are emailed to me I'll show you the fun assortment of felt food I made her for her birthday - it was so much fun to make and there are so many tutorials out there for it.


Jodi said...

Cute new purse! Is Sarah Addison Allen a favorite author of yours? I've never heard of her but am always looking out for new books to read that will be worth my time...

cat said...

Very jealous of your reading the Peach Keeper. I don't know if my crappy library will get it, but I'm buying it when it's in pb. I feel like that's forever away!

That gussy stuff is AWESOME!

Funny about Arrested Development - my husband and I hated it when it was on. Refused to watch it. We didn't GET it. Then we got Netflix, canceled cable and Netflix had all 3 seasons on it and we watched them in order. I am only NOW grieving the cancellation of a show from 5 years ago. It really grew on us. ;)

Kristin said...

I've heard so many good things about Sarah Addison Allen's books. Our library has all of them, I think, so I'm definitely looking foward to checking them out once my "to read" pile dwindles down a little. :)