Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The last house of the year

I've spent this week at my last house-sitting appointment of 2011 (unless something comes up last minute - last year I did this until the day before Christmas). What I love about it is that most of the people's homes I'm caring for have nice yards with flowers I can enjoy...and you always get to see that. A day without photographing plants is...horrible.
This house has a really nice piece of property with a huge back deck and lots of leafy trees that are turning. And the sun even managed to come out and shine on me this week so I was able to go out and enjoy it.

I put a little soft focus on all the photos to give them an extra warm fall feeling.

 Not the back deck.

Strolling down the lane I noticed an orange speck at the base of this tree.

It was one of their kitties taking a nap. This cute little kitty napping in such a "woodland" setting totally tickled me.

They have several kitties and a dog...

Who more frequently was doing this.

 Pet meeeeeeeeee.

And these gals whom I called all either Henny Penny or Houdini depending on the situation.

And I've gathered plenty of these - about a dozen every day!

They've also got these fantastic ducks.

They are very shy and have a quiet, almost muted quack that I love.

It is just so very Autumn in an enjoyable sense.

And the light filters beautifully here.

And the leaves are putting on a show.

I had a little fun with this last one and added a "space texture" from picnik. Love them!

I've also been learning crochet thanks to Maybe Matilda and youtube. Now my brain is exploding with ideas for Christmas gifts and I'm not sure I can complete them all in time. Eep.


cat said...

I think I need to find a job house sitting in paradise, too. Paradise totally has dogs and cats and chickens and ducks and forests.... sigh.

Yve said...

I just got back from a six month House Sitting stint in Buckinghamshire with two lovely little kitties :o)

Amara said...

Oh! This place is an absolute dream!!