Thursday, February 16, 2012

Totally Random Thursday - that's not Family Guy...

Ladies of Downton.

My brother gave me the password to his Netflix (maniacal laugh) so I could see if they were going to let us see the latest episodes of Sherlock yet. Nope. Guh. In any case I decided to use this opportunity to check out Downton Abbey because no one will shut up about it.

Oh. I see why.

My brother told me after I used his account to watch the first episode he logged onto Netflix and clicked "resume" to start playing the next Family Guy episode like he does every night before bed. Downton Abbey started playing and he thought...well they sometimes have weird beginnings....five minutes later....this is definitely not Family Guy.

Um no, it really isn't Family Guy, thank the Lord.

I laughed forever. Unintentionally making your brother watch period drama? I should win a thousand points for that.

So says the Dowager Countess.

Have you seen Downton Abbey? What do you think?


Alicia said...

I am totally hooked on Downton Abbey sometimes watching it a second time before the next episode. So is my 13 yr old daughter! Good job getting your bro too...funny!

Jodi said...

Haha, that's funny. You can watch all the episodes online on the show's official website and they have the Sherlock shows on there as well, maybe you can see the newest ones that way?

Rissi said...

Yep, totally hooked on this series!

Having finished S2, I cannot wait to find out what happens in S3 because it is so darn wonderful. I love the characters, the acting, the costumes and the stories - everything about the entire show is just lovely.

Jill said...

LOVE Downton Abbey. I just started watching season 2 today though. I shared your story with Nolan and he totally got how your brother would just keep waiting for Family Guy to go back to normal. We got a laugh out of it too :)

Amara said...

Oh I also adore the show!!! The acting is incredible. the story is great. The costumes are perfection!! The characters are well thought out. There is nothing more you need to make a great show!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Really enjoyed S1 and am waiting for some kind soul to send me S2. Will have to check out the official website Jodi recommends and see if I can see the video over here. So many things are limited to the US.