Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Things have still been pretty quiet. I never thought I'd be one of those people whose lives were ruled by drama but that is pretty much what it has become. That line from Meet the Robinsons "Well it's been a long, hard day filled with emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights." has me nodding saying, "yeah that's accurate!"

What that means is that I haven't really had any creative inspiration whatsoever, which is sad because it has really been my whole life the past two years. When you are sad and then lose interest in things you love it makes you even more sad. It's a spiral really. I'm working on it. I'm ordering Pollyanna on DVD today so maybe that will help.

In the meantime, since I haven't really done any projects I thought I would share some of my favorite things I've been using lately.

I love coloring my hair and I love straightening my hair which means I have a lot of damaged hair. I was reading Mandy's blog Prettymaking and she recommended this product which I bought and have used like crazy since.

Now that I work within close distance to a Rite-Aid I find myself buying all kinds of silly things. Like....

I have bought Wet n Wild polish for years and it usually lasts two days before chipping. But these little bottles of "megalast" last a week. I have a job where I use my hands a lot so my nails get a lot of abuse. At $1.99 a pop, I don't mind buying in multiple colors. Actually I think they've changed the bottle design since I got these but the product is still nice.

 Deep sparkle "Disturbia"

Soft and creamy "Bite the Bullet"

I also spotted these fun lip colors by Revlon. They look both retro and modern and I found not one but two colors I liked? Have I ever bought a drugstore lipstick? Um...I don't actually think I have. Lipgloss sure, but never a lipstick-like product and it is always because there's never been a color I liked.

One is a shade of pink that actually goes with my skintone ("Pink Frosting") and the other is purply ("Gumdrop") which I was ridiculously excited about.

They are smooth, not sticky and sheer, which honestly is how I prefer my lip color.

I'm always hunting for a lipcolor and very frequently not succeeding.

My baby tote of lip products. I have problems.

We had two days of super warm sun and it was enough for me to break out my bronzer. I am quite pale so normal bronzers do not work for me. However, "Maracaibo" by local company Alima Pure is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. The only bronzer I've ever seen that pale people can wear with ease and avoid looking tacky.

Put a bird on it.

And I finally bought some of these:

That are thick enough and will stay put enough, for me to do [this].

And not at all beauty-related but if you haven't tried this

You are missing out!


Rissi said...

Ooooh! Lots of fun and cool stuff. =)

emma wallace said...

Aww! Sorry to hear you've had a lot of drama! I hope things start to perk up for you!! <3

I loooove Tresemme! I originally started using them because they were the only drugstore brand that didn't test on animals and now everyone in my household uses them!

Jodi said...

I used that heat tamer spray until I ran out and then somehow forgot all about it... now I want more! Thanks for the reminder :)And fun new finds!

kathy said...

I think drama is tattooed on my forehead. Is it all work-related?

Saw the hair video and need to go find some scrunchi bands to try it.
and the tip on Alima - I will put the list of stores into my purse for the next time I am in Portland.
Hard to find cosmetics - not only for the fair of face but also w/o crap I will react to.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Ah, drama at work. Been there, done that. I hope the situation resolves itself soon. I miss your sunny creativity!

The lipsticks look perfect. I have one tube that suits me out of about 10. It looks so nice in the package, but changes to a different and unbecoming color once I put it on...