Saturday, March 31, 2012

Totally Random Thursday - news of the weird

Yes this is on a Saturday.

I came across these photos on my phone and I had forgotten about how hilarious they are. You know when you go to Oil Can Henry's and all those good looking guys in uniform come out and you hold out dollar bills for them? Oh wait...that was just a fantasy of mine. (Kidding. As far as you know.) I meant when they give you a newspaper to read while you wait...well this was a real article in the paper and it made me laugh so hard I had to take a photo and text it to everyone I could think of. It's easily as awesome as the story about the guy who was arrested in the toy aisle attacking people with a "light saber" Am I too easily amused?

Come on, tell me that isn't hilarious.


Amber K said...

LOL, I love crazy stories like that. And then I get a little concerned about society... :)

kathy said...

I can see him getting into his 'nuse' and how dare the police officer try to stop it.
Of course, the didgeridoo does sound like bagpipes in my head.

I used to work for UPS where lots of women have serious fantasy issues with the guys in brown.

shari said...

you can get ARRESTED for attacking people in the aisle with a light saber? oops! glad i got away with it!