Sunday, October 26, 2014

Style bargains: Autumn edition

I love summer time. I love being warm and not needing a jacket and long sunshiny days and ice cream. I also love Autumn, but it is bittersweet as the days get shorter and the rain waterlogs us.

I spent a week in the woods, camping in a surround of beautiful autumnal color...

 photo IMG_7450_zpsbc28b534.jpg

and when I came back I felt a little more prepared for the transition.

and we know I've finally accepted the fact that the season has changed when I make changes to my look. And thanks to some super thrifty tendencies I didn't spend a lot to accomplish it.

 A visit to Goodwill and I was able to score a cashmere blend sweater that just happens to match the new accent colors at work.

 photo IMG_6192_zpsa64001a3.jpg

Tags still on it.

My cost? $3.99.

Half price color of the week!

I've been on the hunt for a corduroy jacket for about 2 years and I keep hemming and hawing on the ones I've seen; until this one.

 photo september_zps812abb6c.jpg

I really like all the detailing on the pockets and the back.

 photo september1_zpsfc7e1b83.jpg

My cost? $3.99

Again, the half price color of the week!

I also discovered quite the selection of Essie nail polish at my favorite random store: Grocery Outlet. I picked up 4 colors for $2.99 each.

 photo IGfodder_zps3211b6ad.jpg

Normally $8.00 each.

These few cozy additions to my wardrobe at such great prices and now I'm really feeling good about Autumn.

   photo success_baby_zpsfe6f59b6.jpg


Cindy Fincher said...

Love your bargains! The jacket is especially cute....I know how it is to hem haw until I find just the ONE!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I love that argyle sweater, and I laughed so hard when I saw that last photo. It's too funny!

Mary said...

What great bargains! I really like the detailing on your jacket. I recently had to let my beloved corduroy jacket go to Salvation Army because it no longer fit me, so now I'm on the hunt for a replacement - hope it doesn't take 2 years :(