Monday, June 22, 2009

The fifty cent IKEA frames transformation

Not that fifty cent - they cost me fifty cents each because they were in the as-is section! I was originally going to make the frames for this project from scrap cardboard but when I saw these I knew they'd be perfect! They had "good bones" as they say.

Seriously scratched up plastic insert went bye-bye and then I covered the blah blue color with scrapbook paper, edged them in grosgrain ribbon and made little layered felt flowers to cover my seams. I also created a mat with cardstock, by simply cutting out the center.

Don't they look oh-so-much better?

Yes they are quite girly, but they are going in a baby girl's room so that's to be expected. Each frame will hold a photo of the grandparents so baby can always have her family nearby.


Brittany said...

Dang, you are clever!
I love those frames!!!

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers as I try to lose weight. I appreciate your comment and knowing that I have support makes it much easier.
Now, if I could find somebody to run for me.. :)

the ungourmet said...

That looks so pretty! What a terrific job you did! I love the pattern of the paper.