Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's been an interesting week.

It started out so nice, you know? We had mostly sunny skies although we did get some weird clouds...

Even so, it was hot and humid and the flowers and plants were LOVING it...

The first indication of something weird was from the honeybees.

There's a honeybee nest in the oak tree... (inside that lump)

They apparently got too big for their oak lump or there was a bloody coup because they swarmed...

Difficult to see, but notice how the sky has that "film grain" look? Those are all bees. And no, I'm not a crazy person and I don't care if they allegedly won't hurt you when swarming; I took this photo through a window.

Once they calmed and clumped I ventured outside to snap this one. A solid clump of bees is pretty darn freaky. Pretty much any small thing en masse is pretty freaky though.

Thankfully they didn't all leave, there are still bees going in and out of the oak. With all the problems wild bees have been having lately I'm very grateful to have my very own hive to pollinate my garden and flowers.

Thursday I went to visit my friend Karen and her just-weeks-old daughter (whose middle name is Molly...after me!) and while there was treated to a freak lightning storm and a tornado warning. Tornadoes are incredibly rare here so I was freaked. out. Can I use the word "freaked" or "freak" a few more times in describing this? You bet! But I won't. :)

And tomorrow my babies are graduating. They were my first real class and I had them three different years on and off since they were about 13 and now they are graduating from high school. *sniffles galore!*


Here's hoping next week is a little more calm.


Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Oh my gosh! Yes, bees and tornadoes freak me out too. Living in the Carolinas, we get tornado warnings all the time. You'd think I'd be used to them by now, but I'm not!

Whitney said...

Wow, creepy bee behavior freaks me out... I like the first sky picture that you have here. It looks like someone clawed into it. Interesting... :)

the ungourmet said...

Wow! That's Scary! Is that tree pretty close to your house?

Love that 1st sky picture!

I have been putting some photos on my other blog from around my yard if you want to take a peek. :0)

Mercedes said...

Crazy! I am glad that you are okay. Good luck with the calm.

Xazmin said...

You take such beautiful pictures!